Why Get Professional Treatments?

Although you can purchase $8 hair dye from the supermarket, we all know killer hair is created at the salon. The same goes for skin. If you’re battling acne or dealing with persisting pigmentation or dryness, or maybe you’re noticing new wrinkles and lines forming, perhaps it’s time to put down the supermarket cleanser and moisturiser and talk to a professional.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it’s constantly hard at work to protect us from environmental forces such as pollution, UV radiation, dirt, makeup, and temperature change. It’s so important that we care for it, especially if you want your skin to look fabulous too, because for the years ahead you’ll only have the skin you’re in! So even if you love the idea of ageing gracefully, why not invest in a naturally radiant, glowing complexion?

Talk to the Experts

Obviously a supercharged skincare routine is key to gain and maintain results, however, nothing you do at home can replace professional attention. At a skin clinic, you’ll have a consultation with a trained specialist to discuss your individual skin and what you want to improve, followed by a tailored plan with the advanced treatments and high-performance products to get you there.

This could be to reduce sun damage and feel confident without foundation, to stop those niggly breakouts, to firm your skin and look a few years younger or just to get a radiant J Lo-style glow (Hint: she doesn’t get it from a miracle serum).

Next Level Skincare

Once you have your treatment recommendations, it’s time to really take things up a notch. The more kickass your treatment is, the less relaxing it will probably be. Sort of like fitness, sometimes we need a relaxing yoga session, other times it’s a powerful HIIT class that gets us a killer bod! High-strength facials will pack a serious (and results-driven) punch, and treatments like Dermapen microneedling, IPL and LED will help to completely rejuvenate and transform your skin with celeb-worthy and lasting results.