Which order Should I apply my O Cosmedics skincare routine?

If you’re like us, your collection of skincare bottles is starting to rival your childhood My Little Pony collection. But with so many active serums, oils, gels and lotions, it can be confusing knowing what to apply when, and in which order, to get the best results for your skin. If you’re only beginning active skincare with just a few key products, this can be even more daunting if all you’ve ever known is the old days of cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Applying your products in the wrong order can mean they are less effective, or worse, can irritate your skin. If you’re feeling overwhelmed when you open your bathroom cabinet, we’ve put together a guide below to help you out. The general rule with serums and lotions is to apply them in order of their consistency, from thinnest to thickest, make sure you’re only using retinol at night, and always using SPF each morning. If you only want to apply some of your really active products once a day to tackle dryness or acne, save these for the evening so they can work while you sleep and don’t have layers of makeup on top of them.

Step 1 – Cleansers

This is an important step in the evening, as you’ll be removing a mix of makeup, grime, pollution and sweat that’s built up over the day. If you wear a lot of makeup you’ll want to double cleanse with the O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser and finish with a swipe of Micellar Treatment Gel to remove those last smudges of mascara or thick concealer. Those with very oily skin or acne can use the Corrective Cleanser & Peel. Properly cleansing will also give you a fresh, clean base for all your serums and active products to penetrate your skin. The morning is a little different, you may not need to cleanse (unless you have some oil built up from the night) but a swipe of Micellar Gel will shield against pollution for the day ahead.

Step 2 – Exfoliate

Once or twice a week it’s a good idea to give your skin a scrub to slough off dead skin cells with the Exfoliating Cleanser. Alternatively, you can do a 3-in-1 Fruit Peel Mask or Multi-Functional Peel with lactic acid. You’ll want to use these products on clean skin at night time (as you won’t want your fresh layer of skin out in the sun or covered in makeup), to give your skin a chance to absorb all your serums and hydrators.

Step 3 – Serums

Next, you should apply your thin, clear serums, which will quickly sink into your freshly cleaned skin. Start with the thinner, water-like serums such as the 3D Hyaluronic Serum and Pure Age Defiance. Next will come your gels, such as the O-Biotics B3 Plus and EGF Booster. Bonus points if you can wait a couple of minutes between each product application to allow it to absorb, by having your morning coffee, brushing your teeth, applying body moisturisers or getting dressed.

Step 4 – Lotions

Corrective serums that are in a thicker, lotion consistency come next, this includes your Concentrated Brightening Serum, Repair Serum and Potent Clearing Serum where needed, plus eye care products such as Eye Correct and Eye Fusion.

Step 5 – Hydrators and Oils

Moisturising is your very last step, make sure you massage in your products in an upwards and outwards motion to prevent dragging, which leads to sagging skin. This step would include your hydrator creams (mixed with a retinol serum at night, or Pure C + BHA Powder in the daytime), Youth Activating Oil Balm and Retinoic Oil, or your Hydra Plus Sleep-In Mask in the evening.

Step 6 – SPF Protection

This one is your most important step each morning (and the one product to apply if you only have seconds to get out the door!), Mineral Pro SPF 30 will moisturise and protect your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays – which are damaging to your skin even in winter and on cloudy days.

While it may be overwhelming at first, taking just an extra few minutes per day to include all of these steps could be the key to transforming your skin. Treat it as a few moments of a relaxing ritual each morning and evening – after a few weeks it will become an automatic habit, and your skin will be grateful!

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