Average Treatment Cost
$70 – $150

Treatment Time
30 minutes – 1 hour

Recovery Time

Duration of Results
Long lasting

What you should know

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a health practice which focuses on pressure points through the body, recognising the connection to mind to achieve calm. The treatment works by applying pressure to parts of the feet, hands, ears or head, working to achieve a response on corresponding areas of the body. Reflexology offers a range of health benefits and originates from ancient Chinese medicine. The belief is around qi (pronounced “chee”), energy flowing through our body which can cause imbalance when we are stressed. In a similar way to acupuncture, different parts of the body are connected to different pressure points.

What are the benefits of reflexology?

Studies have shown reflexology can help to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain, lift our mood and improve general well-being. Making time for relaxation is important in our fast-paced, high-stress modern lives, as stress and anxiety can lead to inflammation in the body, along with increased cortisol (the “stress hormone”). A reflexology treatment is a little different to a massage in that parts of your feet, hands or head will be pressed, rather than massaged, based on their corresponding organs, glands and body parts, working as a therapeutic modality to restore the body. You’ll feel deeply relaxed, soothed and grounded, with enhanced circulation.

Where can I book in some reflexology?

If you’re ready to book in a relaxing massage, browse through the clinics below to find your nearest treatment provider in New Zealand.