Ginger&Me Mindfulness Sessions


Average Treatment Cost

Treatment Time
60 minutes

Recovery Time
No downtime needed.

Recommended Treatment Frequency
As frequent as desired!

What you should know

What is a G&M Mindfulness Session?

If you’re all for treatments that boost your skin using medical-grade actives but you’re also feeling a bit down or stressed (we all have those days!) and in need of some warm, cosy self-care, look no further. The G&M Mindfulness Facial is like nothing you’ve tried before, in fact, it is literally the first of its kind.

This unique experience created by Ginger&Me features a guided meditation mindfulness session (through large, soft headphones) that will allow you to forget the noise of the outside world and focus on calming, refreshing and inspiring your mind. It’s ultimately an opportunity to relax and focus on you – your attitude, your gratitude and feeling the best version of yourself.

At the same time, you’ll be achieving optimum skin health with a full facial treatment using the advanced G&M Neurocosmedics products, including one of four professional-strength masks.

What are the different skin concern options?

Cassia Hydrating Mask

A super hydrating and anti-ageing mask for sensitive and dehydrated skins, with Konjac Root Extract (which boasts serious water-loving powers and moisture plumping abilities) to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The unique gel texture for will hydrate, calm and smooth your skin.

Green Tea Purifying Mask

Problem skin? This decongesting, purifying and anti-bacterial mask is infused with Green Tea Extract for antioxidising support and peptides to protect and purify against pollutants and bacteria. The result? Revitalised skin, a radiant glow and purified complexion.

Cranberry Anti-Ageing Mask

Concerned with signs of ageing? This luxurious peel-off mask is rich in Omega 3 and 6, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and more to give the skin comfort and protect it from external aggressors and premature ageing. Sign us up!

Lemon Brightening Mask

If summer has left you with pigmentation, this mask will work to even out skin tone, prevent the formation of pigment and activate the skin cells’ own “cleaning system” resulting in a more even skin tone, with age spots and sun damage reduced.

How will Mindfulness help my skin?

New age stressors such as anxiety, depression, overuse of mobile phones and computers or lack of sleep are just some of the factors that can impact our health and our skin. By focusing on the mind alongside the skin, the G&M Mindfulness treatment takes a holistic approach, realising that this fast-paced modern world can leave many of us challenged when it comes to mental health.

Mindfulness allows us the opportunity to stop and pay full attention, to observe our thoughts, feelings, senses and awareness. So take a break from work, the kids, the boyfriend, or just the busyness of life itself to focus on you, reminding yourself that you are worth it.

Where can I get a G&M Mindfulness treatment in New Zealand?

Love the idea of escaping with a Ginger&Me Mindfulness facial? Browse through the list of clinics in the link below to find your nearest provider.


At-Home Treatment Products

We love that Ginger&Me Neurocosmedics products are based on a combination of science and natural botanical extracts (with no “nasties”) to ensure a safe and gentle approach for visible skin change. A whole lot more than just pampering, nourishing creams!