Massage Therapy


Average Treatment Cost
$40 to $250 depending on type and length

Treatment Time
20 minutes – 90 minutes

Recovery Time

Duration of Results
Benefits last up to a week or two

What you should know

What are the benefits of massage?

The thought of a luxurious massage brings to mind pampering and relaxation, but did you know about the myriad of health benefits you’ll also achieve with a regular massage? If you’ve been going through a tough time in your personal life or work in a high-stress job, massage is an excellent way to unwind and help ease stresses and anxiety, with the “zen” effects of a good massage lasting for days. Stress and anxiety can have dire effects on our health, sleep and inflammation in the body. Studies have shown reduced cortisol levels after massages and improvement in sleep, meaning it’s the perfect way to help your body and mind find some peace.

Massage is also known to improve pain in the body, from muscles, neck and back pain through to joint pain and tension or migraine headaches. Massage therapy improves circulation (increasing the transportation of nutrients and oxygen), which reduces swelling in the joints and muscles as well as increasing flexibility to reduce pain and eliminate tension. This also leads to the releasing of endorphins in the body, boosting dopamine and serotonin – a fabulous natural alternative to pain killers. Did we mention massage can also improve immunity, balance, muscle stiffness, exercise performance and range of motion? We don’t need any more convincing!

What are the differences between massage types?

Many spas, beauty clinics and massage therapists offer a range of massage treatment types. One of the most common is the Swedish Massage, a gentle and perfect starting-out massage for tension, relaxation and muscle knots. You may choose to have a back, neck or full body massage, with the therapist using a combination of circular and kneading massage techniques to relax the body. Aromatherapy Massage is fantastic for helping with anxiety, depression and stress, adding essential oils which you’ll inhale and absorb through the skin.

For a Hot Stone Massage, your therapist will use heated stones as well as their hands to relieve pain and improve blood flow. If you’re wanting to treat chronic muscle pain, opt for a Deep Tissue Massage, with slow strokes and strong pressure to really get into your muscles (this one may feel a little intense at times). Some clinics also offer a Pregnancy Massage for expecting mothers, focusing on pain and tension in the legs and hips, and taking care to ensure the mother and baby are safe at all times.

Where can I get massage treatments in New Zealand?

If you’re ready to book in a relaxing massage, browse through the clinics below to find your nearest treatment provider in New Zealand