Quoi Makeup Application


Average Treatment Cost
$40 to $150 depending on makeup style

Treatment Time
Approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour

What you should know

What are the benefits of a professional makeup application?

Having your makeup done professionally for an event such as a wedding, ball or party will give you more benefits than just looking extra gorgeous. A professional makeup artist will take care to ensure your makeup not only looks incredible but is layered and set with precision, meaning it should last you through to the final hours of an event (so you’re still looking polished in your friend’s late-night Instagram story!). It’s also a calming, pampering experience, where you can relax knowing you’ll be looking stunning without the stress.

Your makeup artist will be working to enhance your beauty, and you may also learn some tips and tricks or looks you’ve never tried before to use for future nights out! If you really love a look you’ve seen on Pinterest or Instagram, bring some photo inspiration to show the kind of look you’re after, as it can be hard to describe certain looks and this way you’re sure to get something you absolutely love.

What makes Quoi Makeup so good?

Quoi Makeup is a natural and cruelty-free professional makeup range, with formulas that benefit and nurture the skin. Made with hypoallergenic ingredients, including botanicals, vitamins, minerals and skin-loving oils, Quoi is focused on luxurious makeup to give a luminous finish. Whether you’re after flawless coverage and bold colours or a more natural and radiant look, Quoi skips the fad trends and focuses instead on boosting your natural beauty! Made in New York, this Kiwi brand is stocked in beauty salons throughout New Zealand, with trained makeup artists who can help you create your perfect look for a special event.

Where can I book in a Quoi Makeup application?

If you’re looking to have your makeup done for a special event or try a makeup lesson, get in touch with one of the Quoi stockist makeup clinics at the link below.