Hair Removal & Waxing


Average Treatment Cost
$30 to $100 depending on treatment area

Treatment Time
30 minutes or less

Recovery Time

Duration of Results
5 to 6 weeks

What you should know

Why is waxing better than shaving?

If you have unwanted hair, adding an extra five minutes of shower time in the morning to shave can be annoying and time-consuming. I know I’d prefer that extra five minutes for sleeping in. But this isn’t the only reason waxing is the superior option, endless shaving can leave us with bumpy skin, ingrown hairs, red (or even bleeding!) spots in some areas, and worst of all – prickly stubble. Then we have to do it all over again a day or two later for the smooth, soft feeling we love.

Enter waxing, a successful method to remove hair from the root, lasting up to six weeks. It’s safe, economical and reliable. It is possible to wax at home, usually with cold wax strips, however, this can be painful to do yourself, messy, difficult to reach certain areas and you’ll inevitably end up missing bits. Visiting a beauty salon for hair removal with hot wax and cloth strips is easier and cleaner, and better for removing thick, dark hair. Your therapist will be able to see all the areas you may not, and the process will be over quickly.

What else do I need to know about waxing?

We know that waxing removes hair from the root, however you may need two or three sessions to ensure your regrowth is coming back slowly. This is because all hair follicles have different stages. Most of them are in the growth phase, which is the hair you can see, but around 15% of it can be in the “resting” phase, meaning this hair hasn’t actually grown through the surface of the skin yet. Because waxing won’t be able to grab these hairs, they may still pop through a week or so later. These hairs will be new and thin at the ends, so won’t be as dark as stubble after shaving (which been cut). Because of this, you’ll need at least a few rounds of waxing to get all the hairs from the root, and really see the benefits of fuzz-free skin for a few weeks. But it’s so worth it.

When it comes to prepping for a wax, make sure you exfoliate the day or two before your appointment, rather than the day of, to avoid skin sensitivity. Don’t apply body lotion or deodorant (if you’re getting your underarms waxed) on the day of your appointment either, as the wax may not stick as well. After an appointment, it’s best to avoid a big gym workout or hot showers and baths, as this can irritate the skin, and opting for a post-waxing cream or oil can help soothe and heal the area.

Where can I book in some waxing for hair removal?

Think waxing might be your best option for hair removal? Browse through the clinics below to find your nearest provider of waxing treatments.