One Truth 818 Atomiser Duo

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Looking for the next step up in anti-ageing? How about Nobel-prize-winning science to physically REVERSE our skin’s ageing?

In this duo, buy One Truth 818 Serum, receive the Atomiser FREE!

While our active skincare regimes cleanse and nourish with vitamins and peptides, which makes our skin look and feel fabulous, OneTruth 818 works at a deeper level to actually reverse wrinkles and pigmentation by lengthening our telomeres.

As we age, our telomeres (“tails” on the end of our DNA) shorten, which makes our cells age. The 818 molecule allows our cells to release a natural enzyme (usually dormant) to lengthen them again, resulting in youthful cells and youthful skin.

Contains: One Truth 818 Serum, and One Truth 818 Atomiser.



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