Ginger&Me 4in1 Micellar Detoxifying Water


A revolutionary gentle cleanser, eye makeup remover, next-generation toner and biomimetic anti-pollutant shield in one. Formulated to thoroughly cleanse the skin and protect it from urban pollution, smog, toxic chemicals, cigarette smoke and fuel exhaust without water. Suitable for all skins.


Using a cotton pad, push down on the pump until the pad is moistened. Wipe over the face and neck with the cotton pad, like you would a toner, for the perfect cleansing and protective finish. Do not rinse off. For best results, remove makeup with a Ginger&ME cleanser first.

Neurodefence Complex™ (Brown Algae)
Vederine® (Chicory)
Pristinizer® (“Fragrant Star”)
Detoxium™ (Nigari salts)


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