Faby Top Coat Matte


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Faby Matte Top Coat contains microparticles which mattifies, giving the nail a velvety and opaque matte finish. This top coat dries quickly and gives each varnish a matte velvet finish in a single layer.

100% vegan and non-toxic


  1. Apply a coat of the FABY Nourishing Base Coat of your choice, depending on the condition of your nails, on clean nails, with the cuticles pushed back.
  2. Apply two thin coats of FABY Nail Polish. Apply it to the free edge of the nail.
  3. Small imperfections can be corrected with the Faby Corrector Pen.
  4. Apply a layer of FABY Top Coat Fast Dry to ensure the shine and protection of your manicure.
  5. Or use the FABY Top Coat Matte for a velvety and matte effect which gives an opaque finish to all nail polishes.

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