Hannah from Harmony Skin, Beauty & Spa in Central Otago delves into all things skin

We chat to Dermal Therapist Hannah about her favourite skin products, tips and tricks. Hannah is a talented advanced dermal therapist who splits her time between Harmony in Alexandra and Harmony in Queenstown.  We chat to her about her about why she loves Dermapen treatments and her experience in the beauty industry.

What do you love most about working in the skin and beauty industry?

What appealed to me was how much it’s possible to enhance or improve features and skin with advanced treatments and products. I love that great skin can change the way someone feels about themselves, and their confidence. This affects how they feel on both the outside and inside, and that’s the most rewarding part of my job. I’ve always been fascinated with skin and the science of how it works as an organ of the human body. I’m thrilled that I can split my time between Harmony Queenstown and Harmony Alexandra to do Dermapen and other advanced skin treatments.

How long have you been a skin and beauty professional?

I’ve been in the industry for about 5 years now!

What is the most popular treatment in the Queenstown spa right now and why?

At the moment this would be Dermapen Microneedling. We have only recently launched Dermapen in Queenstown and it has been very popular. It is a great treatment for all types of skin concerns, strengthening the skin, stimulating the healing response and creating long-lasting new collagen and elastin.

What is your favourite professional skin treatment to get and why?

For my skin I love anything that nourishes! I have a more dry skin type so I love getting IPL and Dermapen done as it regulates my oil production and allows my skin to function the way it should, and preventing it from drying out – which will stop my skin from premature ageing! I do love a weekly session of LED to help heal and calm my skin, LED is also such an amazing treatment.

What is your absolute favourite at-home skincare product and why?

Between the clinic and the spa, we stock O Cosmedics, DP Dermaceuticals and Ginger&Me so I can’t pick just one! The Ginger&Me Nutri-Luxe Cleansing Oil is one of my favourites, as it’s so gentle and great for irritated skin types. For my skin type I love using both the O Cosmedics Comfort Cream and Recovery Cream as my moisturisers, as they’re both super nourishing. When it comes to serums, the results from O Cosmedics O Biotic B3 Plus and Retonoic Oil are absolutely outstanding. DP Dermaceuticals Antioxidant Cocktail works wonders on all types of skins, being rich in Vitamin C.

Which skin treatment would you recommend for a friend?

I would definitely recommend Dermapen4 microneedling, as the results are amazing even after one treatment. A series of Dermapen treatments can help with ageing, cell regeneration, improving texture, treating sun damage and rebuilding the skin, bringing it back to life!

Which skincare product would you purchase for your BFF?

For summer I would purchase the AHA Milk Gel Cleanser from G&M Neurocosmedics, which uses natural gentle exfoliators, along with the Antioxidant Cocktail from DP Dermaceuticals to give antioxidant protection. And of course the Mineral Pro from O Cosmedics, as everyone needs quality mineral SPF30 protection if they’re wanting to avoid future signs of ageing!

What is your ultimate tip for glowing skin?

Being consistent with home care products is essential, as well as adding nourishing products that are full of powerful active ingredients to give you that glow. Also, making sure you’re drinking lots of water!

You can book in with Hannah in Alexandra or in Queenstown! Come and see us here at Harmony Skin and Beauty to discover the best products and treatments to achieve your skin goals.