Meet Hannah Romano, our Probeauty Ambassador

Hi everyone, Hannah Romano here! An online health and fitness coach based in Christchurch, but obviously online means you can do it anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a device. I’m very proud to be a Probeauty Ambassador, I absolutely love the skincare in the range and I’ll tell you why.

How long have you had your online fitness coaching business?

So I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for about 12 years since completing my degree of Sport of Recreation at Lincoln University. There I discovered I was an absolute geek for the anatomy and the biomechanics of the body and the way the body moves. I loved learning all about how the nutrients we were eating would be our energy output.

A couple of years ago I had my first child, I was pregnant and I felt like I needed to stimulate my brain somehow, to continue working in a shape or form that was obviously new to me. I realised that I could do everything online, including being an online fitness coach. All you need is a device, to press play and there I am!

Home workouts for me are the way forward, I now have two boys under two, so my lifestyle is very fast-paced. I’m like, where has the day gone? So having a healthy lifestyle for myself is very important, as well as looking after my boys at the same time.

So why is physical, mental and skin health important?

So physically, I want to be able to look better, I want to have confidence in myself and I want to have some self-esteem! You know, I want to put on some clothes and say to myself “Hey good looking, what’s cooking?”. Mentally, fitness for me is about that brain juice, about having the endorphins, about being a bit sharper. Exercise for me, it doesn’t take all day, it’s 20 minutes and I literally press play – there I am! – and I follow what I’m saying to do because it’s easy and simple.

Skin health is really important, it’s about what the nutrients I eat internally and what they’ll produce in my skin. So eating really healthy is key, eating my greens, my vegetables, my fruit, my carbohydrates for energy – because I want to look my best. I want to mentally have that clarity to be my best, but I also want my skin to be the best, and O Cosmedics definitely helps me with that too.

So, what is #nevermissamonday? Can you tell us about it?

I have this saying with all my clients – never miss a Monday! I truly believe that if you exercise on Monday, you will exercise on Tuesday. And if you exercise on Tuesday, you most probably will exercise on Wednesday, so it’s an ongoing flow effect. Monday is for new intentions, a fresh start, and once again that ongoing effect that if you do exercise, then you’ll eat a bit healthier, you’ll drink a lot more water. Then obviously Tuesday will begin and you’ll do the exact same. So make sure that YOU never miss a Monday either!

How do you balance life, kids, your business and finding time for yourself?

I have a two-year-old and a one-year-old, so it’s fairly busy in my household and making time for myself is really key. On Sunday and Wednesday nights (every week, I don’t miss it!) I have the Hydra Plus Sleep-in Mask on, and I feel like that kind of gives me a bit of time to myself. In the morning, I’m going to wake up on Monday and Thursday with beautiful, hydrated, clean and healthy-looking skin.

The other things I like to do for taking time for myself, one is booking in my mum to have her come in to look after the boys while I go for a run. Just once a week to, you know, get those endorphins, that freedom and that quietness.

I also love going to my beautician, and I try to do it every 5 weeks or once a month to have a facial. One of those Vitamin C masks or what-not, just lie there and enjoy the peace and quiet for myself. As a mum, as a wife, as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister, everyone’s life is always busy, so you need to find that time to do something  for yourself.

What is one of your favourite self-care activities?

My favourite self-care activity is putting these bad boys on! The O Cosmedics Native Collagen Eye Masks are an absolute treat. I tend to use them during the day – I actually do it while the boys are having lunch! I put my eye masks on, and they go “Mummy, what have you got on?” I say “my eye masks, to make me look beautiful.”  So every time I bring out the box, they go “Mummy’s going to look beautiful!” I’m like, “Yes, that’s right!”.

I love doing this just because I know that I’m giving back to myself, and also they’re such a treat! You put it on, set your timer for 20 minutes, the timer goes off, you take them off, and like my boys say: Mummy looks beautiful.

What’s so good about O Cosmedics? Why do you love it?

I love O Cosmedics is because it uses formulated, active ingredients with no nasties, and I know it’s perfect for my skin. I went and saw a skin specialist and they told me exactly what products to use, in what form, morning or night, how much to use and I can guarantee you, this is me! It is beautiful and I love it.

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