Polished Back-to-Work Makeup

We’ve all been wearing less (or zero!) makeup during lockdown, and if you’re like us you’ve probably almost forgotten how to apply it! Although makeup isn’t essential for work, it can make you feel a little more confident and put together. But unless you’re in a super creative workplace of anything-goes, it’s sometimes best to not let OTT makeup distract colleagues and superiors from how talented you are. These back-to-work makeup tips will ensure a radiant, polished and professional look for the office, all day long. 


DON’T – Cake on thick foundation, powder, blush, or strobe highlighter. It can be a little intense for early Monday morning and bright office lighting and is better saved for a night out. Less is more! Plus, heavy makeup every day isn’t great for the skin.

DO – Go for a natural glow with a dewy or lightweight coverage foundation such as Quoi Mineral Sheer Tint, which contains SPF20 (ideal for blue light computer screens!) and vitamins to nourish the skin. Blend a little natural-looking Rio De Janeiro Bronzer with a large brush under the cheekbones, across the forehead and along the jawline for a healthy luminosity. Avoid patchy skin at the end of the day by using a good primer before your foundation base.


DON’T – A smokey eye is gorgeous for a party or dinner with the girls, but a full-on dark runway eye risks looking unflattering at 8:45 am, when your boss might wonder if it’s leftover from the night before. And save the cute new purple liner look you saw on the Grammys red carpet for Saturday too, serious co-workers or clients may see it as unprofessional.

DO – Soft, natural and flattering colours such as browns, taupes and bronze will emphasise your features, either in a matte or shimmer finish (but skip the glitter). For something sharper, try a Felt Tip Liner for a sleek cat-eye look. A groomed brow will have you looking polished, brush with the Quoi Brow Set Gel to sculpt the eyebrows.


DON’T – We love lush lashes, but save the falsies for the weekend. Unless they’re natural-looking permanent extensions, it can look a bit over the top for work, and you run the risk of them falling off mid-meeting.

DO – Lengthened, defined and tidy lashes are a more appropriate look and be sure to use a nourishing mascara that won’t crumble or smudge under your eyes during the day. Quoi Lash Boost Mascara uses vegetable waxes to nourish without drying, and also contains a boosting serum for longer and thicker natural lashes over time.


DON’T – Let’s skip the glittery glosses, they may be all the rage right now but it can look a little immature in a professional setting, as can a bright pink. A bold and powerful red lip can look great but can be annoying if you need to fix and perfect it every thirty minutes (and lipstick on the teeth is always awkward). If you still want to rock this look, opt for a long-wear liquid lip colour.

DO – Find your perfect nude or neutral pink lip colour to stash in your handbag, it won’t matter if you don’t have time to top it up during the day and it won’t “bleed” like darker lipstick. Whether warm or cool-toned, it will be the perfect way to subtly perk up your face and look polished without appearing harsh. Bonus points for a lipstick that also nourishes with natural oils, such as the Quoi Cream Lipstick, as air conditioning can really dry out your lips.

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