Internal Skin Health with Kim from Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa

We chat to Kim from Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa in Christchurch about achieving glowing skin from within, using natural superfoods and supplements combined with a curated active skincare routine.

Why is it so important to commit to a great skincare routine?

Our skin is our largest organ, yet often the most neglected. It is exposed to outside elements every day. We shed skin cells throughout the day, and our skin has different needs as the seasons change and as we age. It’s so important to not only to commit to a great skincare routine, but also to update existing routines regularly.  Without a proper skincare routine your skin is more susceptible to signs of ageing, sun damage and skin disorders. Prevention is always the best method, and consistency is key! We can’t expect to use a product once or twice or have a facial once a month and expect to see dramatic, consistent results. Starting a skincare routine is often the hardest part, but once we see how glowing and healthy our skin is looking, the routine becomes easier! A skincare routine doesn’t have to be super complicated, start with the basics and build on that.

What are your favourite skin health supplements for 2021?

My top three health supplements would have to be:

Kiki Health Collagen Powder

Why choose this one over other collagen powders? Along with the marine collagen it contains both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid (from natural sources) for skin hydration, formation of collagen and to help fight ageing. Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen, it stabilises the collagen molecule and structurally strengthens the cells. A lack of Vitamin C can even in weak cells forming, and premature ageing. Hyaluronic Acid (which naturally depletes in our body as we age) provides continuous moisture to the skin by binding water and maintaining volume, for that supple, plump and hydrated look in the skin. The actual marine collagen used is from wild fish (rather than farmed) and has a low molecular weight, making it far more readily absorbed than bovine collagen.

Kiki Health MSM Flakes

This sulphur-containing compound is essential for the formation of collagen, elastin, keratin and cartilage, making it a great anti-aging supplement. It works to reduce oxidative stress, decrease inflammation damage, improve the foundation of the skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity and firmness.  It also helps to relieve joint pain, inflammation and boost immunity. Hormones, enzymes, antibodies and anti-oxidants all depend on MSM, it is vital to the creation and regeneration of cell function and body tissues. Supplementation is essential as our body utilises and expends MSM on a daily basis.

Kiki Health Body Biotics

It is so essential to ensure that your gut remains healthy, as there is a proven link between the gut and the brain, an information highway between the two called the gut-brain axis. If the gut health is unbalanced, this will then result in other concerns throughout the body. Poor gut health can result in inflammation in the body and the skin, a poor immune system, IBS, anxiety, depression and some studies suggest even cancer. I found when going through menopause it really helped with my excessive bloating and gut pain, as once I started on the Body Biotics this soon became more manageable. Unlike other probiotics on the market, the Kiki Health Body Biotics contain soil based organisms which remain dormant until activated by liquid. These then replicate and grow by the time they reach the lower GI tract.  These are the only probiotics that have ever managed to balance my gut health and I now only occasionally have a bad gut day!


What is your number one tip for those new to in-clinic skin treatments?

There are so many treatments available to clients these days, it can be a confusing path to navigate. I would suggest to any new clients that they book a consultation with a therapist to discuss their skin concerns and what they would like to achieve. The therapist will then gain a better understanding of their client and recommend a homecare routine to follow alongside the best in-clinic treatments to ensure the optimum results are achieved for their unique skin.

What are the benefits of an advanced treatment plan?

Skin confidence is important, but it takes time. Our clients usually has more than one concern, an advanced treatment plan allows a therapist to use several modalities to help treat a wide array of concerns, from pigmentation to skin ageing, to achieve the best possible results.  An initial consultation will help determine your skin concerns, so that the therapist can then map out the best journey for your unique needs. Before and after photos are a must, so you’ll be able to see improvement in your skin concerns. Treatment plans are also the most cost effective way, as they are usually discounted to include a great saving, often with a discount on retail products too.

What is your absolute favourite at-home skincare product for 2021?

This has to be O Cosmedics Retinoic Oil. What doesn’t this product do? It treats everything from acne and signs of ageing through to sun damage, pigmentation and dark under eye circles. Unlike other retinol serums I’ve tried, I don’t get a sensitive response (with redness or excessive peeling) with the Retinoic Oil, as it is a direct acting, low irritation Vitamin A.  I love how silky this product feels on my skin and how my skin just glows. I cannot be without this product for 2021!