Is Microneedling a Botox alternative for reducing fine lines & wrinkles?

As we get older our skin starts to age, and while some of us are happy to age gracefully, there’s no harm in wanting to look a little younger and fresher. But if injectables seem a bit much, is Microneedling a good Botox alternative?

By the time we’re in our thirties, we’ll start to notice new fine lines, sagging and wrinkles that seemingly weren’t there the week before. We can certainly do our best to improve our skin by leading a healthy life with less sugar, more sun protection, great skincare, healthy eating and not smoking, but we can’t avoid this skin ageing process altogether. So what’s the best way to get younger looking skin?

Many people flock to fillers and Botox injections, and there’s nothing wrong with these. These treatments will create volume, contour under the skin or prevent muscular contraction temporarily, and they’ll look great, however, they’ll have no effect on your actual skin texture, tone or value. Your skin has been plumped out from underneath, however, it hasn’t actually helped the skin itself. Dermapen Microneedling works more like a restoration that sets your skin back to factory settings, allowing it to reboot, revive and recover from the inside out.


Downtime: Depending on the type of injectables you’re having, there can sometimes be bruising and swelling for the next two to four days.

Pain: Injections sting a bit, but this can be minimised with numbing cream application prior to the treatment. Occasionally there can be pain in the area for the next few days.

Visible results: Results from fillers can show instantly and Botox usually develops over the next 5 to 10 days.

Duration of results: Results from fillers can last between 8 months to 12 months, and Botox usually lasts around 3 to 6 months.

Cost: Injectables are on the pricey end, especially if you want to get them done at a reputable clinic (which it is best to, to reduce risks), ranging from $300 – $600 for Botox and $600 – $1400 for fillers depending on what you want done.

Pros: Very quick, visible and obvious results after one treatment of injectables

Cons: Expensive, only work as a temporary quick fix, and plump from under the skin rather than working on improvement of skin itself.

Dermapen Microneedling

Downtime: Your skin may be a little pink (similar to windburn) for 24 hours, however it should return to normal by the next day.

Pain: The Dermapen4 uses smaller and faster-moving needles than ever before, meaning minimal pain for the duration of the treatment.

Visible results: While you’ll have a plump and glowing effect a day or two after your treatment, the real results show around three months later, when your skin has rejuvenated with fresh new collagen.

Duration of results: Results are long-lasting or sometimes permanent. Reduced lines, wrinkles and pigmentation can last for years (until new damage is formed), and old scars, stretchmarks and other imperfections are removed for good.

Cost: A Dermapen4 treatment usually costs around $300, and you may need between 3 to 6 treatments.

Pros: More of a permanent solution than a quick fix, less expensive in the long run, and focused on improving the natural skin structure.

Cons: Results will take longer to show, as you’ll need to wait a few months for fresh, rejuvenated collagen.

Revitalising the skin with Dermapen Microneedling also creates the ground work for any other aesthetic procedures, including injectables. Think of it as enhancing the structure, scaffolding and framework of your skin matrix. Dermapen can definitely be used as an alternative to injectables but is also an extremely effective treatment prior to injectables.

Many people want to avoid fillers and Botox injectables entirely, or some want to push this option a little further into the future, and in these cases Dermapen microneedling is the perfect alternative. The treatment uses the skin’s natural healing-process to regenerate from the “micro-injuries” created by the Dermapen’s tiny needles (1920 microscopic punctures per second!), as well as allowing active solutions containing vitamins, minerals, peptides and other beneficial ingredients to penetrate the deeper levels of the skin, maximising results.

Keep in mind that while your skin will look fresher and plumper straight after a Dermapen microneedling treatment, the best results will come around four to six months after your treatments (unlike injectables), when your skin has produced fresh new collagen and elastin, which will last years. Say hello to a brighter, more youthful complexion!

Dermapen Fine Lines and Wrinkles Before & Afters

Take a look through this gallery of before and after images by some of our Dermapen Gold Authorised Treatment Providers around New Zealand.

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