I Tried Dermaplaning, Here’s What Happened

I’ve always had peach fuzz hair on my face (haven’t we all!), which never really bothered me other than when I opted for heavier “event” makeup. By the time I applied foundation, setting powder and bronzer, this fluff would suddenly be made a lot more obvious. I had always wondered how the ultra-high-resolution photos from the Oscars and MTV Awards makeup always showed celebrities with perfect, smooth skin even close up, with no peach fuzz in-sight, and it was only when a friend told me about Dermaplaning that I felt I was finally in on the secret.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a skin exfoliation treatment performed by a skin professional, using a sharp scalpel to gently graze the skin and remove the dead skin cells from the face. As a bonus, it also removes any facial hair. Of course, my first thought was, won’t it grow back rougher like the hair on my legs? Evidently not, as this thin, pale “vellus” hair on our face is different to that on our legs, so you don’t have to fear that you’ll be left with a blunt moustache a few weeks later! The hair won’t grow back thicker or darker. Not only are you left with soft, smooth skin for weeks that looks younger and plumper, but it also creates the perfect base for flawless makeup.

What happens during the treatment?

Admittedly it was a little daunting going in for my treatment, I jumped into booking it without doing much research beforehand. I was surprised at how incredibly relaxing it was, it felt a little strange at first but after a few minutes, I could easily have fallen asleep. It only took around 45 minutes or so, and I was shocked when my esthetician showed me some of the flakey skin and hair in a tissue that had been removed from my face. It was also reassuring to know that each treatment uses a fresh and sterile blade (much sharper than a home razor), and I had some active skin serums and a hydrating applied straight afterwards, as well as mineral sun protection.

What sort of results do you get from dermaplaing?

I was most excited for the hair removal part, which made for an incredible and smooth base for my makeup the following night when I went out – it made such a difference to apply powders without the residue attaching to my peach fuzz hairs. I assumed I’d notice it most above my lips in the “moustache” area that seems to show up with heavier makeup, which I did, but the part that surprised me most was my cheeks. Applying Quoi Powder Highlighter over my cheekbones gave me the most radiant glow. I’d never paid much attention to the hair in this area as it was quite minimal, but it made such a difference. The only thing I felt upset about was having not known about this treatment sooner. I could have been this glowing for years!

As well as being thrilled with my hair-free face after dermaplaning, the part I didn’t really think about was how incredibly smooth my skin would be after the dead skin cells had been removed. It was similar to the feeling and look you get after a facial peel, and my skin was glowing for days. Since it’s a deep exfoliation, I was told it’s best not to apply makeup straight away, so I did it on a Thursday evening and slept in my serums, before applying makeup the next morning.

How long did the results last?

After around four weeks I felt I could do with booking another dermaplaning treatment. My peach fuzz had started to grow back slightly, which wasn’t too noticeable (since it never was to start with), but I missed that ultra-smooth feeling that comes with deep exfoliation every month or so, and the way my makeup looked for the first couple weeks. It’s safe to say I’ve been converted!