Whitney Tawake: How Professional Skincare at the Beauty Lounge has transformed my skin

We chat to blogger Whitney Tawake, @champagnechores, about her professional skincare journey with The Beauty Lounge in Queenstown, and how a combination of an active skincare routine with advanced treatments have taken her skin to the next level.

When did you begin your skin journey with the Beauty Lounge?

I started about six months ago. My first step was starting my new skincare routine and regular advanced facials. My therapist helped me work out the best active products for both my skin type and the skin concerns I was looking to improve.

How have you found switching to active, professional skincare?

I have eczema and am prone to dry skin, so those were my main skin concerns. Since using the products in my new routine I’ve found that my skin is a lot more hydrated, which has helped a lot with preventing any eczema flare ups, especially during seasonal changes. I’ve also found my complexion looks more “plump” and youthful, which is a nice bonus!

What is your absolute favourite skincare product?

From the moment I first tried the O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, I have been obsessed. It’s full of antioxidants and peptides, and leaves my skin hydrated rather than dry and taught. Best of all, as the name says, it’s gentle – which makes it ideal for more sensitive skins. It smells so delicious too!

And what has been the skin treatment you’ve seen the most incredible results from?

I’ve really loved Dermapen microneedling. Even though it’s not the most “relaxing” treatment, it’s quite fast and really performs when it comes to results for skin rejuvenation. My skin feels tighter, and reduced pigmentation means my skin looks so much clearer too.

What were your thoughts on skin clinics before you visited Beauty Lounge, and how has this changed?

I never really visited beauty salons other than for the odd massage or manicure, I just had no idea about the results you could achieve by visiting a spa that’s also a skin clinic. I thought facials were more about relaxation, rather than to really improve the skin! It’s been so ideal for me (as a mother who is quite time poor!), having a clinic that provides it all is heavenly.

You’ve been using some of the Kiki Health products, how have you found these?

I have, and I love that the Kiki Health superfoods and supplements are 100% natural with no fillers or synthetics. My favourite product would have to be the Kiki Health Organic Spirulina Tablets. The powder is ground from a strain of Spirulina that’s organically grown and surrounded by natural forests, and then compressed into tablet form, so I know it’s all the good stuff and none of the bad! I take them in the morning and find it really helps to boost my energy over the day, because it’s full of natural Vitamin B12.

Which is your favourite beauty treatment?

I absolutely loved trying out Beauty Lounge’s LVL Lash Lift, it totally opened up my eyes and made my natural lashes so lush. It also lasts up to 8 weeks!

What do you love most about The Beauty Lounge in Queenstown?

Without a doubt it’s the team and the people, I call it “my happy place” because it’s always so calming and the team are so lovely. It’s important to remember self care and give yourself some relaxation every now and then! As I mentioned earlier, being a mum means I don’t have the time to jump to different clinics or spas for treatments, so the fact I can go to the same place for advanced skin treatments like Dermapen and then jump into a luxurious pedicure all at the same place is perfect. A one stop shop!