How Kiki Health can help boost your skin, energy and immunity this winter

Winter is here, which means so are darker and shorter days, a decline in energy, dry skin and an influx of colds and other bugs. Then there’s the follow-on effect on our mood – the “Winter Blues” are real! This is why the colder months call for an extra boost of vitamins and minerals to help support our bodies, and straight from nature is always the best way. Kiki Health is dedicated to the life-changing benefits of pure, raw and natural nutrients to promote optimum health and wellbeing in the form of superfoods, powders, oils and capsules. We run through our winter favourites…

1. Kiki Health Magnesium Oil Spray

We’ve all heard about the benefits of magnesium, and sprayed on the skin, this oil version transports the precious mineral directly to deficient cells in our body. Magnesium helps ease stress and anxiety, as well as aiding in muscle recovery and calming the nerves, which all contribute to a more restful sleep in winter. As an essential mineral electrolyte, magnesium also helps to regulate our hydration, which is helpful in colder weather when we’re drinking less water.

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2. Kiki Health Nature’s Living Superfood

Cold weather meals can be healthy, but sometimes we might want to indulge in comfort food that isn’t always full of healthy greens. After all, a salad isn’t the most appealing dinner on a cold winters’ night! So how can we ensure we still get those essential nutrients? This greens powder contains 32 cold pressed natural ingredients, such as wheat and barley grass, kale and spirulina (trust us, it actually tastes good!), to help give us a boost of natural vitamins and minerals. Simply add half a teaspoon to your morning juice or smoothie – easy!

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3. Kiki Health Alkaline Infusion Powder

Everyone knows Vitamin C is a powerful immunity booster, but did you know that many of our fruits and vegetables today are low in Vitamin C thanks to mineral-depleted soil and modern agricultural methods such as ripening with artificial light (rather than the sun)? This citrus-tasting powder is packed with alkalising minerals as well as high Vitamin C content from lemon juice powder and acerola cherry (a powerful antioxidant-filled fruit from South America). Just mix a teaspoon with a glass of water for a boost of immunity and 100% natural vitamins and minerals!

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4. Kiki Health Organic Spirulina Tablets

Spirulina is incredibly high in Vitamin B12, which helps reduce fatigue and promotes an energy-yielding metabolism. Kiki Health only uses spirulina that is routinely tested for contaminants, and is dried carefully through an evaporation method rather than heat to preserve all its nutritional content. These small, easy-to-swallow tablets also contain calcium, iron and magnesium to contribute to bone and blood health.

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5. Kiki Health Krill Oil Caps

Dry, cold temperatures can lead to dehydrated, dull skin, and more visible lines and wrinkles. No thank you! While it’s important to treat your skin with the right active skincare to keep it glowing, it’s also essential to nourish your skin from within. Krill oil is rich in essential fatty acids to maintain oil regulation, and a potent antioxidant called astaxanthin to protect your cells from free radical damage. Kiki Health uses only sustainably sourced krill oil from the Antarctic, away from environmental contaminants.

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