Is Kiki Health Collagen Powder really that different?

By now, most of us have heard of the skin-boosting benefits of collagen powder, and how it can help us look more glowing and youthful. Ultimately, collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, working to “hold” the body together and providing strength, elasticity and structure in skin and bones (read: plump skin!). Our collagen production naturally depletes as we age and with sun damage, which leads to the formation of those pesky lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Collagen peptide supplements are everywhere now, but how do you pick the best one? Here are some tips on what to look for.

Marine Collagen vs Bovine Collagen Powders

You might still be wondering which collagen powder type is the most effective. If it’s youthful skin you’re after, marine (fish) collagen has higher digestibility than animal collagen, and has been known to effectively repress skin damage caused by UVA rays and help to maintain skin smoothness. Research shows that supplementation with fish collagen peptides also yields greater bioavailability than other collagen sources, including pork collagen, and is also free from more pathogen risks.

Research the source

Where is your marine collagen actually coming from? Well, we know it’s from fish, although most collagen brands use farmed fish, using practices that ultimately can be harmful both consumers and the environment. In a similar way to cage hens vs. free range, farmed fish are prone to more diseases and are often pumped with medications. Kiki Health Marine Collagen uses only wild fish, that have been caught by responsible certified fishery with a traceable supply chain. Wild fish are bursting with minerals found in the ocean, and each batch is tested for pesticides, dioxins, contaminants, heavy metals and microbes. It’s also great to know the collagen peptides from these fish skins are sustainable in that they would otherwise will be discarded in the fillet process.

How is it processed?

Being free from synthetics and fillers is one thing, but also make sure you do your research on the processing of your collagen peptides. Many brands can use over-processed collagen, much like the modern foods of today, meaning they can be less effective in the body. Kiki Health Marine Collagen is made from 100% purified, hydrolysed collagen, and it’s enzymatically processed to keep the peptides intact. Collagen polypeptides are fully digestible and gentle on the gut due to their low molecular weight.

Natural Vitamin C is a huge benefit

The most important ingredient to complement collagen is Vitamin C. The more Vitamin C we consume, the more collagen our bodies can create! But before you reach for your pharmacy supplement, it’s worth knowing that synthetic vitamins are not always as effective as natural ones. In addition to this, fruits and vegetables are not always as nutrient rich as they once were thanks to modern agricultural methods and depleted soil. The solution? Kiki Health Collagen Beauty Blend includes Organic Camu Camu powder (a fruit from the Amazon which contains incredibly high levels of Vitamin C) to enhance the effectiveness of your collagen peptides.

Hyaluronic Acid is a bonus

Hyaluronic acid (a natural substance in the body) and hydrolysed collagen have different functions in the epidermis (the layers of the skin), but are both moisturising ingredients that decrease water evaporation from the skin. Hyaluronic acid in effect plumps up the skin, working simultaneously with collagen powders to contribute to a hydrated, glowing complexion. Kiki Health Marine Collagen Beauty Blend contains hyaluronic acid derived from corn and yeast to amp up your glow and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.