Glowing, youthful skin with Danielle from Lovior Skin Body & Beauty, Christchurch.

We chat to Danielle from Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty in Christchurch to discover her favourite treatments and products for glowing, youthful skin.

What do you love most about working in the skin and beauty industry?

I am a very results-focused therapist so I love to see changes in the skin, and this makes me really excited! I want my clients to love their skin and feel confident. What I love most is educating my clients on how they can actually change their skin, and watching their improvements gives me great satisfaction.

How long have you been a skin and beauty professional?

I have been a beauty therapist for 10 years and focused mainly on dermal therapy for the last 8 years. I trained in the UK and then moved to Australia, and that’s really where the skin journey began.

What’s one thing your clients are always surprised to find out about skin?

There is no one product or treatment that is going to fix your skin. Instead, it takes commitment and investment in the right topical ingredients and internal supplements. I am surprised how many clients don’t listen to their body and connect it to their skin issues. If you have problematic skin but also have issues internally with your body, chances are, they are related.

What’s the most popular treatment at Lovoir clinic right now?

Dermapen Microneedling is definitely one of our most popular treatments, and with good reason, it gives great results. Needling is such a versatile treatment because not only are we able to treat all skin types but it can treat so many different things such as fine lines, pigmentation and acne scarring to name a few. IPL Photo Rejuvenation is also fantastic for treating pigmentation and sunspots.

1x treatment of IPL followed with a Bio-White O Cosmedics Peel in salon two weeks after.

What’s your favourite professional skin treatment to get yourself?

I would probably say the O Cosmedics Dermal Peels are my favourite. Mainly because they are so relaxing but also results-driven. There are so many different types of peels within the range to use, depending on how the skin is behaving. I always feel as though my skin is brighter and hydrated straight after.

Do you use any supplements, and if so which ones? How do you find the results?

Everyone who knows me will say how much I talk about EFAs in regard to skin health, but also life in general! Most skins are deficient in EFAs which can show up as impaired barrier function, increased sensitivity and sluggish skin. This is an absolute must for everyone who is looking to change their skin and I cannot recommend them enough. Personally, I always feel my skin looks more radiant when I am taking good doses of O Cosmedics EFA Complex, but also I rarely have breakouts any more because of the way they regulate oil flow and reduce inflammation.

What is your absolute favourite at home skincare product?

My favourite topical product to use is Brite Lite from DP Dermaceuticals, and I get so excited to have this at my disposal for my clients. The active ingredients including Kojic Acid, Retinyl-Palmitate, Vitamin C, Resveratrol and Green Tea Extract go perfectly together to target pigmentation, aging and breakouts. The base is Hylafuse (hyaluronic acid) so its super hydrating too!

Which skincare product would you purchase for your BFF for Christmas?

I think it would have to be the O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF for mineral sun protection or the O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser. Everybody needs a great cleanser and sunscreen, and these two products definitely deliver!

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