Georgia Shares Her Journey to Skin Health with Dermapen at Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa

Dermal therapist and winner of the Dermapen High Practitioner of the Year 2021, Bernice Olderwagen at Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa in Christchurch, helped her lovely client Georgia achieve the ultimate skin glow up over 8 weeks. Georgia has kindly allowed us to share her skin journey, taking us through her series of professional skin treatments, and the exact home care products she used.

Step 1: My Skin Consultation and At-Home Active Skincare Routine

Hi! I’m Georgia, I’m 27 and have always been interested in improving my skin, but I’ve never really known where to start. It was only when my friend recommended I visit Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa (after I complained to her about my acne) that I started to learn about the power of modern skin treatments and active skincare.

My first appointment was a consultation with the lovely Bernice, who made me feel so comfortable and was incredibly knowledgeable about skin. She talked me through some possible causes of my skin breakouts, and went over a home care routine that would get me on track quickly, as well as a treatment plan to drive the ultimate results. Bernice gave me a detailed plan outlining exactly what to use, and when, and what seemed like a lengthy routine became second nature after a couple days, and only took five minutes. It also felt like a nice relaxing ritual each morning and each night before bed.

Although I had been sucked into purchasing “miracle” creams on Instagram, I now know that I have to commit to a good skincare routine and my treatments to see results. Results I can’t wait to see! Bernice also explained that before I started my Dermapen treatments, it would be best to commit to my daily skin routine to help improve my skin barrier. Two weeks later, I was booked in for my first advanced treatment with Bernice, a Dermapen microneedling treatment, and I was so excited. If you’ve battled with acne or other skin concerns, you’ll know that self-conscious feeling all too well, and understand the dream of finally being able to go makeup-free!

Step 2: My First Dermapen Microneedling Treatment

By now I had already seen some improvement in my skin after using my new active products, and as soon as I could see these changes, my morning and evening skincare ritual became something I got excited about! My first Dermapen treatment started with a relaxing mini-facial, using a double cleanse, exfoliant and sanitising spray, using only DP Dermaceuticals products. I then had the “meso glide” solutions applied to my skin, with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and peptides – all designed for safe skin infusion and enhanced results.

The actual Dermapen microneedling part only seemed to last about 10 minutes. Bernice used the device to glide across my skin, as the tiny needles created micro-channels in my skin. I felt worried it would hurt, however it was more of a tickly feeling and was only slightly uncomfortable. As soon as this was finished, she applied a cooling sheet mask to my face (the DP Dermaceuticals Hyla Active Mask), which was super relaxing and felt amazing on my skin. The last step was the SPF30 Cover Recover – to protect the skin from sun damage, camouflage any pinkness in the skin and help with anti-bacterial and moisturising factors.

The next day my skin was plump and glowing, and although it was ok to wear makeup the next day, I just used the CoverRecover product instead of my usual foundation. The mineral ingredients for healing plus the sun protection felt like the best option for my post-treatment skin. I was thrilled with how well it went!

Step 3: Learning About Consistency

I’m loving my treatments and my home care routine, and my skin is improving by the week. It’s been so interesting learning about true skin improvement too, and how results won’t happen instantly. In the same way you wouldn’t visit one fitness class and do one day of healthy eating and expect a transformation, great results take dedication and commitment. It’s also important to tailor your skin treatments and products for your skin type and your goals – one size doesn’t fit all!

“Your skin is on show all the time, and it’s going to be with you for your entire life – treat it well!

A membership with Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa has been a great way for me to get the best results within the shortest time frame. This is because you’re spaced with optimum time between treatments to encourage skin rejuvenation. If you’re just popping in for occasional treatments, the results won’t quite measure up. In this way it works out more cost effective too.

It amazes me how so many women have designer handbags or shoes, the most expensive makeup and the latest phones, but they buy their skincare from the supermarket! Girl, we need to talk. Your skin is on show all the time, and it’s going to be with you for your entire life – treat it well!

Step 4: Success! This is Skin Confidence

I’ve never been the girl with amazing skin or that radiant glow, and since a young age I’ve always been very self-conscious of my freckles. My 8 week skin transformation has dramatically improved my skin texture, acne, scarring, hydration, pore size, fine lines (the list goes on!), and I’ve finally achieved that healthy glow I’ve always wanted. So much so that I’ve actually stopped wearing foundation, without even making a conscious decision to do so! I’m no longer hiding my skin, and I think the biggest result for me is that I now have the confidence to let my natural complexion be on display. Now, it’s all about maintenance. I am definitely “over the moon” with my results, my only regret is not finding out about and starting Dermapen sooner!

Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa is a “Gold Authorised Treatment Provider” for Dermapen, which means they only use the protocol DP Dermaceuticals products, the most advanced device (the Dermapen4) and follow all treatment and safety protocols. To book your consultation at Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa or find out more, visit their website.