Dermapen Microneedling Myths & Facts

By now you’ve probably heard of microneedling, a celeb-favourite skin treatment which has been around for years. However, many people are still apprehensive to try it thanks to a few myths floating around. If you’re still thinking about whether to jump in and book your first Dermapen session, make sure you’re clued up on the facts.

MYTH 1: Microneedling hurts

Because of the advanced technology of the Dermapen4, the needles are smaller and faster than ever, meaning less pain than traditional microneedling devices. The needles are only “stamping” at most a few millimetres over your skin, so whilst it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, it is a very tolerable and very quick treatment, and there will be no pain after your treatment.

MYTH 2: Microneedling is only for treating ageing.

While Dermapen skin needling is great for improving fine lines, wrinkles and sagging or crepe textured skin, the treatments also work to improve acne, pigmentation, scarring (including acne scars), stretch marks and a host of other skin concerns. This is because the process completely rejuvenates the skin with natural new collagen and elastin growth, as well as allowing skin correcting ingredients such as retinols and peptides to penetrate deep into the skin.

MYTH 3: There could be blood!

You may be thinking of the infamous “Vampire Facial” which some celebrities have posted photos of, which uses a process of first extracting your own blood, using the platelets to infuse this back into the skin. A standard Dermapen treatment will not do this, as it is a fast collagen induction treatment which uses clean products containing corrective vitamins and peptides created specifically for microneedling. You may get some tiny pin-point blood spots during the treatment (which you won’t see – as this will only last a couple of seconds), and certainly no scarring.

Acne x 6 Treatments, by Diamond Laser Medispa (TAUPO)
Dermal Rolling vs Dermapen Microneedling

MYTH 4: Microneedling can be done at home with a roller

Yes, it can be, however, your results won’t be anywhere near that of a professional Dermapen treatment. This is because at-home rollers only penetrate the skin a small fraction of the depth of a Dermapen, meaning they won’t be producing as much new elastin or collagen and you won’t get a dramatic result. A roller will also use thicker needles that create a larger triangular shaped hole as they roll on an angle. The tiny needles on a Dermapen 4 move vertically in and out of the skin, extremely fast (110 revolutions per second!), which creates deeper and more controlled trauma for the skin, to stimulate the desired results.

MYTH 5: I’ll need to stay home while my skin recovers.

This one is not true at all, in fact, you can go straight back to work after your treatment. Your skin may be slightly pink, however, you’ll have DP Dermaceuticals’ Cover Recover product applied – a soothing and healing product with SPF protection which will also provide some colour to cover any redness in your skin. You’ll be able to wear makeup again the next day, and you’ll need to ensure your face is protected from any sun with a good mineral SPF 30 product, and a hat if possible! Minimal downtime is another reason Dermapen microneedling has become such a popular treatment.

Before & After DP Dermaceuticals’ Cover Recover