Why Vitamin C Is The Perfect Post-Summer Skin Saver

Vitamin C is a buzzword skincare ingredient we see thrown around a bit in the beauty industry, but how can it actually improve our skin, and are all Vitamin C serums equal? We take a further look into this powerful antioxidant and how it can help boost our skin, and our health, especially going into the cooler autumn and winter seasons.

Firstly, what is Vitamin C?

We all know eating oranges and taking a daily vitamin can help boost our Vitamin C levels, and we’ve heard this is good for our immune system, but what actually is it? Basically, it’s an antioxidant that can neutralise free radicals (the harmful molecules that damage our skin), meaning it can help with our skin’s and body’s natural regeneration, repair and defence. When we eat Vitamin C, our body can fight off free radicals which cause illnesses and disease, and it can do the same when applied to our skin, fighting off pollution and UV exposure.

How can Vitamin C boost my complexion?

By supporting healthy skin cells, this incredible antioxidant can fight signs of ageing, pigmentation and damaged skin. How? Multiple ways! Firstly by protecting the skin from environmental and toxic impurities, secondly by inhibiting melanin production (which causes those dark sun spots and pigmentation), and thirdly to trigger the skin to heal itself, creating new collagen and elastin (aka plump, youthful skin!).

How do I add Vitamin C into my skincare routine?

The best time to use Vitamin C is in the morning. You can use it in the evening too, but your main benefits will be in protecting your skin from UV radiation and environmental contaminants in the air when you’re out and about. Let it absorb into your skin before you go out, and ensure you’re using a serum (or powder mixed with a serum) on fresh, clean skin.

Which is the best Vitamin C face serum?

Because of its popularity, so many products now contain Vitamin C, however not all of these products contain the potency or bioavailability to allow this vitamin to work its magic. We recommend trying an active serum that’s made to achieve results with potent, clean ingredients, such as the Ginger&ME Vitamin Infusion Booster or the Dp Dermaceuticals Antioxidant Cocktail. Both contain high doses of Vitamin C to neutralise free radicals and diffuse the ageing effects of pollution, stress and sun exposure.

I want to really up my game, what’s the strongest Vitamin C product I can get?

Say hello to the O Cosmedics Pure C + BHA powder, made from pure L’ Ascorbic Acid with encapsulated BHA, offering an intense dose of Vitamin C as well as exfoliation. This one packs a punch and needs only half a scoop mixed into your serum or moisturiser. Keen to see the proof? Try applying this to half a cut apple (and not the other half), and you’ll see how the non-protected side oxidises and turns brown quickly! If you haven’t used this product before, it may be best to find your local O Cosmedics skin specialist to get some advice.

What about Vitamin C for my internal health?

Vitamin C has so many benefits for the body, and unfortunately many imported fruits and vegetables contain much lower levels of vitamins than years ago, thanks to mineral depleted soil and ripening with artificial light instead of the sun. On top of this, colder weather means our immune system is more susceptible to illness, so Vitamin C is essential. We can’t get enough of Kiki Health Alkaline Infusion Powder, which contains organic natural lemon-juice powder and Acerola Cherry powder (both rich in Vitamin C) as well as essential minerals. Simply mix a teaspoon into a glass of water each morning, and enjoy the energy and skin boost from within!

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