Your Step Up in Anti-Ageing

Looking to level up with your age-defying skin routine? While our active skincare regimes cleanse, nourish and improve our skin on the surface layers, which makes our skin look and feel fabulous, One Truth 818 works at a deeper level to transform our skin and actually reverse wrinkles and pigmentation. The Tam818 molecule allows our skin cells to release a natural (usually dormant) enzyme in our DNA to lengthen our telomeres (the “tails” on the end of our DNA which shorten as we age), resulting in younger skin.

One Truth 818 is One Step to Youthfulness

One Truth 818 is an easy one-step addition to your current skincare routine, with two product options. The original OneTruth 818 Serum contains the Tam818 molecule with the addition of phospholipids such as sunflower, lecithin, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, jojoba esters and macadamia emollients for hydration and nourishment. The One Truth 818 Atomiser is an oil-free formula in a spray form, with the same amount of the Tam818 molecule as the serum, and is the perfect alternative for those who aren’t looking for a rich serum formula.

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Nobel-Prize Winning Ingredients

One Truth 818 Serum was created by the Chase Life Extension Foundation in collaboration with Dr Bill Andrews, who agreed to put his Nobel-Prize-Winning telomerase activating molecule (Tam818) into a skin serum to fund his ongoing research into age reversal and curing diseases. Activating our body’s natural ability to release telomerase and lengthen telomeres results in youthful cells and youthful skin, and Tam818 is the strongest telomerase activator ever invented.


Our Favourites

There are currently two products in the One Truth 818 range, the original One Truth 818 serum, a silky and rich serum also containing precious oils and other skin-nourishing ingredients, and the newly released OneTruth 818 atomiser, an oil-free yet hydrating version of the formula containing the same dosage of Tam818. An easy add-on step for any skin savvy customer who’s serious about anti-ageing and wants a boost to their active skin routine.