Ginger&Me Neurocosmedics

Looking for an introduction to active, potent skincare? Ginger&Me Neurocosmedics is focused on skin recovery through cosmeceutical strength actives, to fight the signs of ageing and make a visible difference to the skin. Advanced formulas are packed with organic botanicals alongside clean and sophisticated actives to return skin to optimum immunity, supporting repair and the ultimate in skin health, with a corneotherapy commitment to the skin’s immunity and wellbeing.

Ginger&Me Body Skincare

Ginger&Me Body has been designed to take care of the skin with the added luxury of indulgent textures and scents, without using any potentially toxic chemical ingredients. A lush blend of botanicals and precious oils gently exfoliate, hydrate and nourish for a decadent ritual experience. This line is different to most body skincare ranges on the market because of its sophisticated formulations and a synergistic blend of ingredients which work with the skin to offer next-level hydration, nourishment and protection.

Every Story has it’s Beginning

Ginger&Me founder Marie Enna-Cocciolone ‘ME’ created this advanced skincare and body range, with the aim of crafting a safe, gentle and accumulative results-driven range working on cosmetic-medicine level to counteract skin stress and neuroageing. Having been dedicated to the Professional Beauty Industry for over 35 years and her first brand O Cosmedics being one of Australia’s leading professional cosmedicals skin solutions, Marie wanted this brand to embrace all the feels of skin, mind & body health, to find a glow that comes with inner peace.

Professional Treatments

In a world-first, the Ginger&Me Neurocosmedics Mindfulness Sessions are designed to treat the skin and mind simultaneously in the knowledge that beauty comes from more than just a healthy skin but also a healthy mind. A skin treatment combined with a guided POWER-TUDE Mindfulness Session where guests can put on their Ginger&Me headsets, forget the noise of the outside world and focus on a mindfulness journey that will calm, refresh and ultimately inspire them to ‘choose their TUDE’ and never forget “they are worth it”.