About Probeauty

Your skin deserves professional results.

Probeauty is New Zealand’s leading wholesale distributor of skincare, beauty products and devices. We partner with New Zealand’s top beauty professionals. We are a hub of information and guidance towards achieving your ultimate skin goals through potent, active skincare combined with in-clinic treatments to give you visible long-term results. 

We’re dedicated to the industry of high performing, results-driven skincare and advanced skin treatments in New Zealand. We know skin, and we’re committed to sharing the game-changing power of skin science.


Probeauty knows what works.

As a leading wholesale supplier for the professional beauty industry for more than 20 years, we offer a curated selection of advanced skin treatment devices and top of the range active products to skin clinics around the country. If you are a clinic, visit our wholesale website b2b.probeauty.co.nz

In this digital age and with so many skin products on the market, it can be overwhelming to filter through the clutter and learn what truly works. Our mission is to educate our customers about powerful ingredients in their effective doses, together with advanced treatments that drive true, visible results for the skin.

Your skin is more than a trend

Although it’s fun to follow fashion and trends and buy luxurious oils and lotions that feel and smell nice, not to mention come in a gorgeous bottle, when it comes to your skin, science and consistency are key if you really want to see improvement. It’s called a routine for a reason! Just like our body with fitness, our skin can’t change instantly when it comes to signs of ageing, acne, hydration, pigmentation, scarring, and other skin concerns.

The experts online and in person

We’re not into trending fads that simply nourish the top layers of your skin, we’re here to introduce you to professional-strength formulas and the latest in skin rejuvenation treatments that work at a cellular level to dramatically improve it.
When you visit a cosmetics or department store to purchase skincare, you’re likely talking to a salesperson. Whether you’re on the Probeauty hub, or at your local clinic, you’re talking with trained skin therapists who are driven to achieve lasting, transformational results for your unique skin.