1920 verses 2020: New Decade, New Styles.

2020 sounds all kinds of futuristic, and it’s surreal how far we’ve come since the roaring 1920s (and how little some things have changed – champagne anyone?). So as we hit this new decade, we thought we’d take a look at the Gatsby-esque beauty trends of the past to see how makeup styles have changed from 100 years ago, and what the beauty forecast tells us for the year ahead.


Flawless skin was in for the 1920s, but while 2020 is more about a natural, glowing complexion, this look was all about pale skin with a matte powdered finish, hence the term “I need to powder my nose”.

How we’ve changed: We saw a lot of heavy contouring and thick, powdered foundation throughout the 2010s, but the past year and the year ahead see us opting for sheer, natural-looking skin with a radiant glow. This type of base also makes us look a bit younger!

Get the new look: Get a glowing complexion using a sheer and lightweight foundation such as the Quoi Mineral Sheer Tint, then sweep some Rio De Janeiro Bronzer under the cheekbones, along the sides of the nose and over the forehead, with a dab of Powder Highlighter on the cheekbones. The ultimate radiance!


In the 1920s, bright pink or red blush was worn right on the apples of the cheeks in the centre of the face, giving the impression of radiating health. Now that we’re all a bit less sickly, thanks to advances in science and health technology, this look uses too much artificial colour for 2020.

How we’ve changed: Now the “just been at the gym” look is more common for our outfits rather than our makeup, and modern 2020 looks are all about a flattering and natural effect to give you a slight boost of colour without looking obvious.

Get the new look: Try a soft warm pink blush high on the cheekbones, such as the Quoi Mineral Blush in Whisper Nude, Sparkling Rose or Teaberry. This mineral-enriched powder also gives a boost of radiance.


Makeup trends come and go but it seems one major trend is here to stay – the perfect red lip. This look seems to be timeless, as we’ve seen it throughout every decade since it gained popularity a hundred years ago (and possibly earlier!).

How we’ve changed: While a deep rouge was the major lip look defining the 1920s, a modern take for 2020s red lips will be bright and bold, from rich warm reds to cool vivid fuchsia tones.

Get the new look: Try a nourishing rich red such as the Quoi Cream Lipstick in Regal Red, or if you’re after intense colour pigment with coverage that lasts hours, try the Liquid Lipstick in Red She Said.


The roaring twenties were all about doe-like eyes, with a smokey grey crease, dark eyelids and black eyeliner sported by every 1920s starlet, and of course, mascara to top it off.

How we’ve changed: While the 2010s saw an abundance of charcoal smokey eyes, heading into 2020 it’s more about browns, peaches and pinks for eyeshadow looks. If you’re confident enough to get creative, metallic shimmer and pops of colour will also make an appearance. What hasn’t gone out of style is luscious, dark lashes.

Get the new look: Dark grey eye makeup can look harsh, so hop into the new ‘20s and try a shimmering peach eye using Quoi Polychromatic Shadow in Lucky Penny and Apricot, or for something more subtle go for a warm matte brown smokey eye using Quoi Matte Shadow in Cashmere and True Taupe.


Remember the razor-thin ‘90s Kate Moss brow that everyone including the Spice Girls subsequently copied (much to our regret 20 years later)? This was a revival of the thin and arched brow trend of the 1920s, often drawn in with pencil. The full brow is now the crowning glory of most celeb makeup looks, and it’s a trend that seems set to stay for 2020, with a slight modification.

How we’ve changed: Brows started to get thicker and darker throughout the 2010s, and while it’s still about big brows, 2020 will see a more natural-looking eyebrow look with less darkening, perfecting and filling-in, and a more clean, swept-up look.

Get the new look: Stay ahead of the game and get yourself a good eyebrow gel such as the Quoi Brow Set Gel to get the tidy brushed up-and-out look, set to stay for 2020. If you need to fill in some sparse hairs with a brow pencil, use a lighter colour so they don’t look too heavy and drawn on.

Love the 1920s makeup style?

If you’re wanting the classic 1920s makeup looks, you can definitely do a slightly modern spin on the originals for the new 2020. Lady Mary Crawley does it well, and many stars have opted for these looks on the red carpet.

Face: Give yourself a matte foundation base using the Quoi Liquid Powder Foundation, then add some rose blush, such as Mineral Blush in Rose Marble. Skip the bronzer!

Eyes: Create charcoal doe eyes by applying dark grey shadows on your eyelid and crease, as well as under the eyes along your lashline. Add lashings of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.

Lips: Create a deep matte red lip using the Quoi Luxury Matte Lipstick in Casablanca, or a soft rose lip using Satin Lipstick in Dupont Circle.

Brows: If you have fine brows, don’t fill them out, just add a little darker definition to their shape using the Precision Brow Pencil.

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